Powdercoat Dulux and PPG Range.

Dulux Colours

We have a range of the most common powder coating colours available for Bollards Online from both the Dulux  and PPG Range. If you do require a powdercoat colour not shown in the website then send us a message and we will see what we can do.


Sadly, computer screens cannot be relied upon to accurately replicate our supplier’s beautiful colours. All screens vary and, unlike powder coated metal, are backlit. We therefore strongly recommend that you take advantage of Dulux or PPG’s services of samples to be sent to you before you commit to a powdercoat colour.  We cannot be held responsible if you do not like your chosen colour


Duralloy® is a tough thermosetting powder coating that exhibits decorative and durable characteristics suitable for a broad range of interior and exterior product applications where excellent overall performance is required. Duralloy® has been formulated especially for residential developments and buildings that are up to 3 floors from the ground.

Duralloy Colour Guide


Duratec® is a thermosetting TGIC free powder coating designed specifically for architectural applications where colour and gloss retention is critical. Duratec® is formulated with advanced polyester resin technology and high performance pigments to conform to the performance requirements of AAMA 2604. It has superior gloss and colour retention compared with standard polyester powder coatings.   Duratec® has been developed for use on architectural aluminium, including window and door frames, panel work and other exterior metal features on commercial buildings.

Duratech Colour Guide


The Electro™ range of powder coatings is formulated with durable, UV resistant raw materials that come in a wide range of fashion colours that provide an ultra low sheen, silky, anodised look. Each Electro™ colour has been cleverly designed to subtly change in appearance, as light conditions alter throughout the day. The Electro™ range of powder coatings are suitable for use in a wide variety of climatic conditions from cold to hot, and humid to dry environments and is supported by 20 year durability warranty* on pre-treated architectural aluminium when applied by a Dulux Registered Applicator.

Electro Colour Guide


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PPG Colours

PPG Envirocron Product Range

A breakthrough innovation and the newest addition to PPG’s world-class line of polyester powder coatings.  Envirocron™ Extreme Protection Edge powder coatings provide extreme corrosion protection in one coat. This patent-pending technology is specially formulated to cover sharp edges created during metal fabrication, offering superior corrosion protection over standard one-coat and two-coat systems.  This one-coat Edge solution translates to significant cost savings in material, labor, utilities and time.  In addition to long-term performance, Envirocron™ Extreme Protection Edge powder coatings offer outstanding transfer efficiency and ease of application.

PPG Powdercoat Colour Guide

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