Frequently Asked Questions.

Our Know-How

Many factors go into the decision of what type of bollard should be used for a particular application. A few things to consider before selecting a bollard:

  • Will this be a permanent bollard fixed in one place, or should this be a bollard that needs to be removed  from time to time to allow access for designated vehicles?
  • Is this a traffic deterrent or a security issue?
  • If it is a security issue, what size vehicle do I want to stop and how fast could it be traveling when it makes impact?
  • Do I want this bollard to be highly visible so that drivers can see it, or do I want something that is more aesthetic and in keeping with the design of the site?

We have a range of:

Fixed Inground (Cast in/Plant Mounted)

Surface Mounted Bollards

Removable (By Padlock or Key System)

The application will usually determine the Diameter that you select. For example a small bollard protecting a Supermarket Chiller from trolleys will usually be a smaller 76mm Diameter.  Pedestrian protection from light traffic would usually be a 101mm or 114mm. For Heavy traffic and Warehouse protection we recommend the 140mm to 165mm

No. The surface mounted bollard is best used where there is a suspended slab or underground utilities that can’t be disturbed, or inside of warehouses and distribution centers. The base plate bollard is only as strong as the bolts it is mounted with.

Our press on cap bollards are designed for this purpose if needed. While it is commonly thought that a cement-filled bollard makes it stronger, it may only be that the cement makes it heavier and that the added mass creates additional resistance for a particular application. In general, the strength of any steel bollard comes from the strength of the steel cylinder itself, which is determined by the diameter of the bollard and the wall thickness. It is the impact resistance and inherent strength of the steel, coupled with proper installation in a proper footing that determines how secure an installation will be. Bollards Online recommends that you engage with your local engineer for advice

Our bollards range in size from 73mm Diameters to 165mm diameters for the majority of our bollard product lines. Length can vary from 880mm high to 1150 high, depending on model selected and function.

Our lead times are based on the product. You will be able to see the lead time on the product screen. This will change as you make changes. E.G. Powdercoat finishes will have a longer lead time than just Galv.

By default the Fixed Inground (Plant Mounted) bollards don’t come with a flange. If you need a flange to match some removable or surface mounted bollards you can add this to cart in the additional item section. We will match the finish that has been specified on the In Ground bollards.  (Test Order)